Inspired Virtual Assistant
Web Design, Administration

Delivering business support when you need it.

Inspired Virtual Assistant  provides affordable, flexible and quality virtual administration, web design & bookkeeping services to small business owners.  

Owner, Carol  has over 20 years of combined administration/management experience as well as a degree in Information Technology.

When you choose to work with me you get the benefit of my experience, knowledge and skills to assist you and help your business grow. 

Do you ever feel

there is never enough time

to get everything done?

Work with us


Inspired  Virtual Assistant

As your Virtual Assistant, it’s my job to: 

  • Fast-track problem-solving and discover new ways to resolve issues for you  
  • Banish overwhelm and stress by taking over the tasks that may be taking away precious time you could be spending on taking your business to the next level 

I consider your business my top priority

You need someone on your team who: 

Is driven, who is focused on attention to detail and meeting deadlines 

  • Has the experience and the knowledge of all things Admin. 
  • Prides themselves on consistently delivering high standard of work 
  • Ensures your core processes and systems are the most efficient procedures for your business 


With my assistance, you’ll get your life back, while rapidly speeding up the growth of your business. 


Inspired Websites

Wherever you’re at with your website – in the design phase or considering a website re-build, I’ll bring my website experience to the table and give you straight-forward advice. 

Do you know the key to building a great website?

 It’s  engaging for your customers. It’s the look, the feel the experience that has them sticking around, clicking and shopping.

 I consider your business my top priority

We get to know you and your business

  • by understanding what problem it is you solve for customers or clients.
  • what the story is behind your business & what your businesses core purpose is. 
  • Your personality and the type of customer you are trying to attract.
  • We train you how to update and maintain your website theme and plugins


We will design you a website, that ticks all of the boxes so much more


Inspired Bookkeeping

we understand the pain points of business owners and where they need help in maintaining and understanding the finance side of their business.

Our passion is helping businesses with the details, so you can focus on your vision for your business, whether that is to start-up, to meet current budgets, or to grow.


I consider your business my top priority